This page will be continually updated with additional details as they become solidified, similar to the Icehouse meetup and Juno meetup.


Planning to attend (now that we have the specific city/dates)? Complete an RSVP form, please!

Dates & Times

9am - 5pm, January 19th - 21st, 2015 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

This falls approximately two weeks before the end of Kilo milestone-2 development.


Geekdom (the Rand on the 7th floor) @ 110 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205

The Kilo Design Summit is over! Most of the attendees are recovering from jet-lag, on vacation, or diving into development for the Kilo Release. With the Kilo-1 deadline bearing down on us rapidly it is important to outline the results of the sessions and the decisions made about where we are headed this cycle.

Personally, I think the design summit was a success! As always there were great planned sessions, interesting hallway-track discussions, amazing user-summit presentations / demos, and (of course) a lot of good food and drink to be had with the many members of the OpenStack developer community.

Summit Decisions and Direction

I’ll outline the different results of each of the various topics that were discussed and had definitive direction or changes decided. Some of these topics were never discussed in the official sessions and only happened at the PODs, the Hallway-Track, Last-Day Meetup, or as part of #afterstack.

NOTICE: OS X based testing/running of Keystone will likely be deprecated

(Updated as of 2014-11-24)

Due to the way the python-ldap library works and the old version of LDAP libs available in OS X, it is recommended that a Linux-based VM be used instead of trying to run tests on OS X directly. This is similar to the situation with OpenSSL on OS X. Since Apple has its own implementation, the OpenSource libraries are not maintained.

Due to part of the fix involving rolling a custom setup.cfg for python-ldap, this is not really viable for use with tox and virtualenv. The details on a related fix from the Lion release era (thats right OS X Lion) that I’ve verified will resolve the issue:

The result of this bug is that certain ldap options such as OPT_X_TLS_CACERTDIR cannot be set without receiving this error: ValueError: option error

It’s that time of year again, the time of year that thousands of developers, deployers, and users descend upon a city and talk about OpenStack. With the summit looming less than a month out, and as the Keystone PTL for this cycle, I’d like to outline what is planned for the summit.

What are we talking about for Keystone at the summit?

It looks like this summit is going to be chalked full of topics on Policy with a short detour into Authorization (covering Federation, SSO, and the general Token/AuthZ mechanisms) and then a step into Keystone internal object structure.